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-Corkie- said:
This cnut was huge. His antlers even smashed the bottom of the windscreen I will never get that image out of my head.. Actually ot but thats how I got with my now wife...

Long story..

Yeah you officially win the thread - you got a wife out of it also! Jaysus...

Northern Monkey Registered User

Budawanny said:
I got keyed by a dunk Badger in letterfrack

Long time lurker first time poster?

Budawanny Registered User

Northern Monkey said:
Long time lurker first time poster?

Ya apols, the picture popped into my head.

Shane_ef Registered User

mate of mine hit a Labrador, and bent the chassis among other things....

Wisesmurf Registered User

just spent the last hour searching for damage after I hit a badger on the m50 today.

Appears to be just a broken splitter and guts everywhere. Sounded way worse at the time. Had a spare splitter so stuck it on and cleaned the underside of the car.

Lets hope noting crops up down the line as a result...

Poor little guy.

Budawanny Registered User

Hit a reindeer in Sweden, not as exciting or dangerous as that
Lads run in with a moose. More like smashing your bumper off a sheep I suppose.
The sami put it out of its misery thankfully

TestTransmission Registered User

Came very close to smashing into skippy on a Australian highway, brakes just about stopped in time.


The bastards are always in pairs. You miss the first one and his mate gets you.

Hal1 Registered User

We hit a dog years ago in an escort. He went straight under the os rear, but he rolled and was fine according to the owner. Just missing a bit of hair .

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Markcheese Registered User

My brother in law,(Aussie) used to drive some woeful bangers.when my sister and him moved over to oz he decided to get something decent cos my sister would be driving it too .... Two weeks later he was going to sydney early for a job interview...a herd / flock/ group/ mob of suicide skippys wrote off his car, he didn't get to the interview either....

colm_mcm Registered User

I cracked the windscreen on my brava on the motorway at max speed
Low flying bird

Big Nasty Registered User

Must have been a good ten years ago now I was belting across the Dublin Mountains in the E36 Coupe I had at the time. Was doing close to seventy coming around a long bend when this huge bloody stag appears out of nowhere and just stops dead in the middle of the road. Was about 6am in July and fully bright so no excuses of being stunned by the headlights. Tried my best to slow down and swerved to the far side of the road. Hit the stag at speed and somehow just managed to clip and spin him so he went tumbling. Got a dent in the bonnet and wing and a broken headlight for my trouble. I reckon if I was going slower he wouldn't have flipped like that and done lots of damage if that makes sense. No idea how much it cost to repair but it wasn't big money.

ants09 Registered User

Knew a manager of a BMW garage and he took a loan of a 7 Series

While driving home he hit a rabbit and decided to stop and being kind hearted as he was he put the rabbit into his back seat to bring to a vet.

Long story short rabbit wakes up and goes a wee bit mental in the car and the guy panics and rights off the car in a accident

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L1011 Moderator

My bumper got fairly damaged, albeit oddly enough not cosmetically (its some hangers that are buggered, one of the headlights moves easily now for instance) by hitting a hare or very, very large rabbit.

Got out of the car to see how badly injured it was and finish it off with the fire extinguisher if it was in bits but alive - the bugger had hopped off.

Blazer Registered User

christ..looking at the above stories I got off lightly
Final cost was reduced to €150 thank god..

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