pickarooney Moderator

For a laugh, let's see who can come up with the best/worst Eurovision song with a deadline of 5 days.

The idea is straightforward enough - find some obscure song on youtube, preferably not in English and write new lyrics to it. Bonus points for synching your new lyrics to the video!

To enter, just put your name on this thread and choose a country to represent. The country does not need to be in any way related to the video you choose.

If you do not wish to enter, but do wish to vote, please post to indicate this so we know how many voters we can expect.

Voting on Monday next, open to everyone and in the traditional Eurovision style of giving points to various songs in ascending order. The number of points allowed per 'country' will be defined by the number of entrants.

On Monday, I'll put up a spreadsheet on Google docs and update the scoring 'live'.

Das Kitty Manic Pixie Dream Tarantula ☆゚.*・。゚

Let me think about it.

*Looks at reim of paper, red pen and Elements of Style*


needacchelp Registered User

Sure I'll give it a go!

Country: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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silvervixen84 Moderator

I love Eurovision!

Country: Slovenia

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slavetothegrind Registered User

dont have software to enter but i'll vote no bother!

pickarooney Moderator

What software do you need?

slavetothegrind Registered User

maybe i'm being a bit dim but i presumed you would superimpose the new lyrics on the video as subtitles hence the in sync?

Or am i over the top with this notion?

pickarooney Moderator

Ah no, sorry, I just meant if the lyrics matched up with the action in the clip.

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