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Hey, really interested in getting an inner lip tattoo and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere in, Cork preferably, or anywhere else that does them? I tried Tattoo Zoo but unfortunately they don't do them...Would appreciate any help I can get Thanks


I don't think many places do them as standard, I don't know why they'd bother anyway. Not worth it imo, it'll last a few weeks and then you'll just have a black blob which'll fade away too.

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I got one done almost six years ago now and while most of it is faded you can still make out what it says...

It's my only "comedy/novelty" tattoo, not that my others have deep meaning or anything but the thing with a lip tattoo is that if you do get bored of it you don't have to see it or let anyone else see it either!

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Teak where did you get yours done? I like the fact they fade as it then gives me the option when I'm older to stop getting it topped up but as the saying goes each to their own.


Tribal Ink did one on my friend and it looks fantastic.

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!!! said:
Tribal Ink did one on my friend and it looks fantastic.

Oh really? That's great I've been trying to get in contact with them but can't find any means of doing so? Did your friends swell badly?

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I would like to have a tattoo on year.................

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