moreau Registered User

Hi all,

I remember seeing a while back that people were organising 5 aside soccer leagues during lunch.

Does anyone know if this is still going?

I think it was aimed at self-employed/job-seekers/shift-workers

I work flexible hours and it would really suit me at lunch rather than gym/running which I find really boring.



Blitzkrieger Registered User


I heard something about 5-a-side games aimed at unemployed people before, but never got the details on it, sorry. Maybe it'd be worth ringing up some of the pitches around the city and asking?

I do shift work myself, so sometimes find it awkward to make it to my two regular weekly games. I know of several regular games that struggle to get players on various nights of the week. I know you said lunchtime would suit you better but maybe if you put a few feelers out you could drop in/out of some games when it suits you?

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