bob2oo7 Registered User

Hi guys

I have just created a new website and I want to promote my online business (just testing the water a bit to see how much business I could get)

The website is done and I'm ready to start, but I have no idea how to begin marketing it and get word out there

Any ideas to help me?

biko Arbiter

You could take a look at the SEO forum to see what other have done to increase internet presence.

bob2oo7 Registered User

Thanks Biko

I have posted a message there

Six Degrees Registered User

Hi bob2oo7,

It depends entirely on the sector and who your target market is. i.e. if its a business to business site, your promotion would be completely different to promotions for business to consumer. Is it localised or global, target age etc.

Have a look at competitors and see what they are doing, what makes you different than them and use that.

I know this may seem very generalised but without knowing what exactly your site is, very hard to give advice.

Best of luck with it, great to see more businesses being launched.

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