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Evening all.

i'm in a bit of a predicament, over the last few months for xmas, birthdays easter etc i've received some aerlingus vouchers from family and friends, which is great and they are very much appreciated. but my problem is as follows.

the vouchers don't match the name on my passport.
my passport has a double barrel name and the vouchers were only make out for one part of this name as not everyone knows what my second name is.

these vouchers are non-refundable and your unable to change te name on the voucher.

so what do i do. i have several hundred euro in vouchers and i'm unable to use these. i've been onto aerlingus and was give the book under the name on voucher and change the name but they can't guarantee that there will be no charge, last time i checked it was 100 euro. so kinda defeats the purpose of using voucher.

any help appreciated

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I think if it is clear to Aer Lingus the vouchers are for you and a naming mistake was made by the purchaser you should contact the head of customer services and ask them to remedy this for you at no fee. You should not have to pay for this simple remedy.
If that doesn't work go up the chain again and again if that doesn't work I would write to Aer Lingus one final time and advise them if you have to pay the change fee for vouchers which are obviously purchased for you once you do pay the change fee you will recoup the fee and any other associated costs via the courts (small claims in this instance). If they then don't allow the change at zero fee then pay the change fee and take the matter to the small claims court to recoup your loss. Its absolutely ridiculous on Aer Lingus' part to not honour the vouchers to the obvious owner and this reasonable request will stand for you if you take an action.
I've taken 1 action via small claims court against an airline and second time round I advised if I wasn't remedied satisfactorily I would submit an action via small claims court and the airline settled. It's sad to hear Aer Lingus are being this unreasonable, I'm quite surprised.

L1011 Moderator

Where are you intending to go?

You don't need a passport to fly to the UK on Aer Lingus at all, for instance.

I've also flown to Holland and other places within the EU without an absolute passport to ticket name match but I'm not advising you necessarily risk this...

John_Mc Registered User

I would imagine you can use the vouchers to purchase flights for another person so this should not be an issue.

The only requirement is that the name on the ticket matches the name on the passport/ID

bucketandsuz Registered User

unfortunately john only the name that's on the voucher which has t correspond the the name on your passport can book tickets.

been onto aerlingus again after getting refused online booking with voucher to the states and they are after tell me to book it with the name on ticket and if that matches part of the name on the passport that it should be ok.

some how i'm not convinced. it's not aerlingus i'm worried about but customs.

going to put my problem in writing and see if i can get some resolve that way. as i keep getting passed from person to person on the help line

Ed-Moses Registered User

The Aerlingus voucher scheme is not user friendly. If the user has price locked a flight, there is a catch. Try to use a voucher to pay for the flight, and there is no way to do this.
The following line is in the terms and conditions.
• Vouchers cannot be offset against bookings which have already been made.

So I take it price locking a flight is a booking?
The voucher is only allowed to be used in what appears to be very restrictive conditions..
I gave this as a gift and herself was delighted with it on Christmas morning. But not now. Do not buy a voucher for your loved one unless you want a kick in the "conditions" later on.

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You also can't use multiple vouchers to pay for one booking. I had this problem recently and ended up having to make two separate bookings. You can change the name on a voucher though. So the OP's complaint has been fixed.

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