Both of these Samsungs just go black and the only way you can turn a call off is by keeping your finger on the off button for the phone. "End Call" or any other button does not respond, which is really annoying as you want to be able to end a call without a problem. I can't for the life of me understand what's causing this.

Is anybody else having this problem with a Samsung Galaxy? If so, how are you solving it?

mozilla Registered User

Yes i'm seeing this issue too and have raised a question on the meteor site, they reccomend that I do a hard reset and a factory restore. Tried the factory restore and had no luck.

I need to send the phone off to meteor to get this fixed


mightyreds Registered User

is this only when making calls have seen this before and had to do a gyroscope calibration for the sensor on top of the phone so it knows youve taken it away from your ear and the backlight can come on

chrislad Registered User

Do you have a case on the phone? What type?

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