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Farfield said:
Hi, i have about 50 heifers going through a 50degree herringbone parlour at the minute and generally no problems. However, theres an odd one that doesnt get/deserve as much meal as the others and she will doze her way into the next cows trough and can end up with both cows parrrallel to the pit(no fun when the clusters are on). Total balls and dangerous, one nearly fell into pit last night. Parlour is new and prob sized for Holsteins. I am milking friesiens so they have a bit more space than they really should and they are only heifers. Does anyone know if there exists a headlocking system for a herringbone that locks the whole row? Help/Ideas???

50degree herringbone whats the spacing between the units is it 2foot 6 3foot 3 or 2foot 2

headlocks is what you want not overly expensive either

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They are 2'2'' i think. Headlocks would be a great job. I didnt know you could get them for a herringbone 50degree. I thought they would only work on a 90 degree parrallel one. Where could i see them/get them??

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