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Hi guys,

Just wondering where in Cork City or the surrounding areas I can get the above? Seems impossible to find!


You can get tofu in some of the health shops. I usually shop in Here's Health at Douglas Court and they nearly always have tofu there. You can also buy tofu at CX Oriental which has now moved from its original location on the Tramore Road - it's now connected to the garage that is located at the traffic lights at the Woodies DIY end of the Tramore Road.

Tempeh - you can get frozen tempeh at the Quay Co-op in Sullivan's Quay (the one in the city centre), possibly also in the Carrigaline store.

Not sure about Seitan though - haven't seen it, but haven't really been on the lookout either. I'll let you know if I see some anywhere.

btw - don't forget the 'Cork Vegans Meetup group' if you're a veg*n in Cork:

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I got seitan in the Quay Co-op I believe.

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Guys thanks for this; i didn't even think of CX tbh, its really close to me. I'll be going to the city this weekend too so I'll try the Co-op. New to the vegetarian thing, trying to have as much variety as possible.

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