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Fizman said:
I don't have a problem joining them, as long as mine stays in the main forum.

Ha, ya I was where you were about 6 weeks ago, really like the idea of Colombia (and in fairness to Trippie - I got some great info from him/her), but it seems a stretch too far for us at the minute I think.

I knew i spoke to someone about colombia. couldn't remember for the life of me who though.

Fizman Registered User

Trippie said:
one option regarding flights to find cheaper ones is with spirit/jetblue, they fly miami to cartagena and bogota and are normally quite cheap. just a matter of finding a flight to the states then.

Ya I found Spirit prices to be excellent considering the airmiles you're actually covering. The big hitter is the flight to the US though in most cases.

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