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I wish to close my account. However due to difficulties with the landlord I am not able to get my final meter reading.
I just paid my last bill up to May 4th & I'm moving out May 20th.

I emailed customer service during the week but have not got a response from them yet, hoping this will be quicker!

Thanks for your help


Hi rocheio,

If you are unable to get a meter reading we can close the account with an estimate. Estimates are based on past usage patterns and are usually quite accurate. (exceptions to this can occur, e.g. if there have been a number of consecutive estimates)

If you send the following details by private message we'll be able to close the account for you:

  • Your full name and account number
  • Your contact number and date of birth (for account security)
  • Your forwarding address
  • The new occupant's name and phone number (or the landlord, solicitor or estate agent's name and number).


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