henke Registered User

Just seen this site

Anyone think this is legit and it just ships from Ireland meaning cheaper shipping?


Todd Gack Registered User

No, it's definitely fake.

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henke Registered User

Todd Gack said:
No, it's definitely fake.

Why do say that?

Yea the prices are very cheap.

When you sake do you think they are selling fake gear or just a scam site designed to take your money?


Todd Gack Registered User

The site address is the first thing, each store doesn't have a site and it's .biz, Hollister only has one website and the EU site linked to it.

The contact details to the site are gmail addresses and the phone is skype.

The products are probably cheap knock offs, they've just copied the official site (illegally)

Steer well clear.

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henke Registered User

Thanks. Yeah had a closer look at their site i'd say its definitely fake ie their email is hollisterdundrum@gmail.com and their privacy notice seems just to be a load of nonsense.

Yeah I know that is the real one I will stick to that.

earlytobed Registered User

I think I've been scammed buying stuff on this site


it looks very like the proper site

full_irish Registered User

biblicallatin said:
60% discount low prices in hollister dublin clothing on this site


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