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was wondering if people here have used this clinic and used it consistently so that they can form a view of what it is like as a general practise.
for consideration by an older woman with very severe and complex needs.

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You might be better asking this on the Wicklow forum too. Were none of the doctor practises in Greystones suitable for you ?

treecreeper Registered User

lets say i had a disappointing start here..maybe due to utter exhaustion and tetchiness that got to me at was a bad start so think right now it would be better in a bigger, more mixed and varied practise.
i have a lot of different illnesses and neurodegenerative disorder, the practises here just didnt seem to want it..remember too, on medical cards these days they dont get much for us and i could visit often, that was one query put to me 'how often would you come here?' and followed by 'well i will have to consult my colleague and will get back to you.' yes, committement there not great, never heard back either! off with my head on this!

treecreeper Registered User

well, next report, another gp has refused to take me on!
i am a bit at a loss to understand all this and never had such trouble before.
i am asthounded really and dont know what is going on.
i am regretting coming to greystones.
i do think the people and where i have chosen to live are good and lovely people but just so surprised at what has developed here concerning my health issues etc.
just finally now this minute as i sit here dont know what to say on this anymore!

pixbyjohn Registered User

Dr. James Reilly, Minister for Health.
Email: Minister' (minister'
Its now time to contact this man.

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treecreeper Registered User

thanks for the link, i will stay fast for a while.
i am unsure if the contact with the boss above will do much good given 'the state of the nation!'
oh, love your pics pix!
all the best,

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Taltos Registered User

treecreeper - seriously - use the contact from John. I am astounded at how you are being treated and being on a medical card and forced to travel beyond the local doctors just beggars belief.

I was going to also suggest getting in touch with some of the local representatives for help or going to the medical centre down past the old cinema for advise (just not sure if it is still there).

Finally just wondering if some local media pressure might help. Really really surprised at how you are being treated here.
Make sure you have a log of who you spoke to - commitments made and when you were talking to them...

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treecreeper Registered User

it is known to the health centre my difficulties.
it has been pretty awful.
a media person did get in touch.
i want to start well not with trouble on my plate.
so i am sticking still and low for the minute.
of course it will have to be sorted long term.
and thanks for the support here, very much appreciated.
now as for TODAY not a day for the planned picnic unless you are a duck.

Taltos Registered User

Don't know about that - the south beach was just great - huge waves, massive spray. Wild wind. Blew all the cobwebs out - if the picnic has brandy or hot tea maybe go for it...

As well as the town councilors don't forget Stephen Donnelly, Independent TD as well as a few of the others.

mirekb Registered User

I'm really surprised by this as I'm a medical card user with various issues that have meant pretty regular visits over the last 18 months. I have never had an issue and have always been made feel welcome (in Greystones Medical Centre).

May I ask what reasons they are giving? They can't refuse you on the basis of being on a medical card - even if this is the real reason they must be giving an 'excuse'?

treecreeper Registered User

i have only recently come into this area.
i am an older woman with many many conditions and some quite frightening.
it does seem to be the med card issue but other things are also at play.
they have worried about the amount of time i will spend at the surgeries.
remember we are actually in a cut throat time, when economy is rock bottom and the med service do not know whether a full public health service will be put into practise and some may want to retire early due to chaos and confusion that we all know is there.
its not for me to speculate but i am told by others in the profession that this is the case. it is awful, yes, but its similar to america.
recently admitting for an mri i had to pay up first, this meant asking my friend to pay for the initial consult and then to get a sibling to ring in with card number of her credit card before i was even taken to a bed in ED
i had brougth the wrong card, so it was a madness.
even then they didnt do the mri and only a ct scan so i had to arrange via accident and emergeny to have the mri done.
i have two taxi fares and am posting them into hse but not hopeful.
i am broke.
its costing a fortune to get my needs met.
every organ and system is being taken out by a rare syndrome, and as they dont really know what to do, each crisis and presenting symptom is dealt with as occurs.
the medics rarely communicate on a holistic level and one doesnt even know what the other is doing, unless of course you are 'expert patient' which i am. this is another thing that seems to get up their nose.
i am vigiliant to stuff.
once i even had to travel abroad to get a diagnosis and i was right and it wasnt being picked up here in ireland.
yes, an awful worry, and pretty constant.

mirekb Registered User

I agree that the medical system is in shambles! However I hadn't realised the local GPs were bad too - how do they justify not taking you on? Just saying we don't have time?
Did you try charlesland doctor?

treecreeper Registered User

charlesland actually asked me how many times i might come then said she would have to consult her colleague then got a phone call to say 'no thanks' and that was that!

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