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Tried Aqueous cream once did'nt think it was great. A good base will work miracles for your shave.Try if you can't get it elsewhere.

Lemmy Scott Banned

Try Aqueous cream great shave off it-no rash either

Lemmy Scott Banned

bureau2009 said:
Most chemists stock aqueous cream, also Boots, you might need to ask for it at the counter, it's very widely available.

A tube usually costs about 3 euro, a tub of it about 4.30.

Aqueous cream is B R I L L I A N T for shaving. Apply to face and neck, wait a few minutes, apply warm to hot facecloth, use some shaving gel and your skin will look and feel HUGELY better!

no need for putting damaging shaving gel on thatll flare it up just shave with the acqueous cream

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I have had the same problem the only solution that worked for me is to not shave everyday. I know if you work in a professional environment where you need to be clean shaven it can be hard to do this but if you leave it grow for a day more than you can shave with no problems!

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king of shaves gel is your only one

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Boots used to do a great selection of shaving products, which was basically a three step thing - you exfoliated your skin first, then used this kind of oil with your shaving foam and then you put on balm afterwards. I have extraordinarily sensitive skin so used to have terrible problems when I would shave and found those brilliant.

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Clinique for men is the best I have tried! Going to cost a bit more than the usual things, but its so worth it! Have great feel to my face and neck after it, even the OH approves

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andrewg82 said:
king of shaves gel is your only one

Tried it on your recomendation.EXCELLENT

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Lads looking for advice

Been getting sever burns after shaving which last for a couple of days,they then dry and start to flake.The burns are in the exact same place every time and are around the goatie area.
I've tried electric razors and double edged blade but no change.My routine is usually shower,apply shaving gel,shave,apply silcoks base,wash and apply moisturiser.

Any tips or advice much appreciated

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Sounds like something you could show your doctor.You might be better off in the long run.

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never mind your King of Shaves and other gloop in a can stuff. You need to go back to traditional basics and try DE (double edge shaving) using good quality shave soaps and creams.
You will find lots of help over in the "Facial Hair and Hats" forum here

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I haven't read the whole thread...

I used to suffer while shaving with sensitive skin for years. In the end, the only way I got around it was giving up all the lotions, creams oils etc etc. Nothing except soap. It was an accidental discovery born out of laziness!!

When you have sensitive skin, the natural instinct is to try to fix it. Over a period of years I noticed that while trying all the different things on the market that they would work to varying extents but the more effective the lotion, the more I needed to keep on using it. After running out of the latest thing and not knowing what I wanted to try next, I just used soap and water and after a week or two of being raw after shaving, it all settled down. I realised that a little discomfort was far superior to a regime of chemicals that ultimately left me more susceptible to sensitive skin.

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Just had the BEST shave of my life thanks to reading this thread and buying the King of Shaves range.

HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST if God could shave a person, I imagine that's what it would feel like.

I've got sensitive skin, always got razor burn etc. I even tried using oil once but that was a disaster. And I've never had any luck the Mach 3 or any of that sh*t.

So I said f*ck it, might as well give it a go since people here recommend it, and I bought the KOS scrub, oil, azor 5 blade and face balm. And it was INCREDIBLE!

*And it all smells great too!

Shane732 Moderator

Could we get a one post general advice? I suffer from irritation after using an electric razor. I'm getting a little bit lost in the advice here.

What I would really appreciate advice on is the following:

What razor to use?
Should I use a pre-shave? If so, what pre-shave?
What cream should I use?
Should I use a post-shave? If so, what post shave?

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Avoid anything in a can,buy a brush and cream or soap.Pre and post creams I would say yes if you have sensitive skin.Best to use a five blade razor such as gillet or the cheaper wilkinson hydro which last longer.

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