Look like normal everyday Dubliners to me...

krudler Registered User

TV3 is just gash, if its not crappy "reality" shows its shock docs like "The Girl With A Whale For A Head" or something.

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TheSpecialOne Registered User

TV3 is a really trying to be the cheap cousin of Channel 4...utter ****e coming out of that station the past 5-6 years.

DaDumTish Registered User

does TV3 = Transvestite 3 ?

xxxJennyxxx Registered User

The absolute state of that.

darrcow Registered User

money grabbing tramps

Daniel S Registered User

Stiffler's mom on the top right.

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FatherLen said:
3 of those women look like ladyboys. that is all.

I count 5


ibarelycare said:

Even more cringe-inducing stuff from TV3. I guess they have to fill the void until the next series of Tallfornia returns. Why are these people willing to open themselves up to so much hatred and ridicule by going on these shows?! Would you go on one of these shows or do you know anyone who has?

I would so do it as the token gay!

xxxJennyxxx Registered User

toexpress said:
I would so do it as the token gay!

I would actually be tempted to watch it then haha you'd have to be extra catty though!

Immaculate Pasta Registered User

"Aah sweet bejaysus that fecking culchie's made a right focking mess tarmacing me drive like."

Gripping tv so


Bitch and moan all you want, the truth is that half of you will probably watch it so you can come back and bitch and moan about it here again about how crap it is

Tv3 loves to prey on wanna be famous socialites and if those wannabes really want to lead their lives in that direction then let them.

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Just imagine every TV channel is represented in a room full of new born babies.

TV3 is the siamese one with two heads, struggling to stay alive.

Stimpyone Registered User

With Bill gone off our screens I can't wait for this... it's gonna be an epic car crash.. E.P.I.C!!

Kolido Registered User

Fiona said:
I just know I am going to throw something at the tele when I watch this........

*well actually I mean laptop I have no tele

Why watch it then?

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