Hi there, can anyone recommend a good plumber in the Navan area? Think I have leak, big damp spot on ceiling in my sitting room, thanks.


Probably your shower tray, if so , you will need to cheack the sealing between the tray and tiles or perhaps the grout is missing off some tiles causing the leak. If the floor is wet to the front of the shower tray then water is getting out of the shower and you need to seal this up.

Other than that, plumbers are hit and miss. I do my own on account of this. Your problem may not need a plumber if related to the shower tray.


There is a small wet/damp patch in the sitting room underneath the ensuite bathroom, can't see anything in the bathroom that suggests there is a probleam, we don't really use it that much. There is a second large patch which is closer to the boiler and there appears to be damp and some water underneath the boiler. I have looked in the main Bathroom but don't see anything out of the ordinary.

chewed Registered User

Check to see if your insurance covers this!

bladespin Registered User

Ronan Coyle, don't have his number to hand I'm afraid.

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