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Bought this today, enjoying it now. He's gone all braindancey again

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Nice, I like the sound of this, have gone off squarepusher a bit in the last few years. Think I'll purchase this though, sounds very nice indeed!

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You're in for a treat!

After a few disappointing previous albums he's back on form with pure electronic mayhem. Its an album of two parts... the first being a little cheezy and light but with plenty of signature killer percussion and melody all the same. One track is almost a like a hyper piss-take of dubstep. Whe it drops on the live sets the crowd will go nuts (he's playing electric picnic this year)

After a gorgeous ambient interlude it gets super-dark and frenetic right up until the last killer quintessential squarepusher track which rounds everything off nicely.

The first two 2nd-half tracks sound a bit like Autchre (live) to me...... pacey and punchy but brooding and menacing too

Its a real grower with tracks that initially annoyed me having hidden depths and only-notice-after-10-listens delights -another thing the man does well.

P.s the album comes with a 3-track EP of a noise, a cheezey and full on rave track. AND the Japanese import version has an extra track called "on crack" which is a bit of fun too.

10/10 from a big fan!

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10/10 my ass, maybe 6/10 at best, the latter part is good, a mixture of great and terrible tracks on it

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