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So I was thinking, following on from the 'Know your Galweigans' thread it might be nice to find out who on here is on twitter and for people to possibly connect. Leave your usernames below, I'll work on creating a Twitter list once it gets going if people are up for it.


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Mrs OBumble Registered User

Just realised that I've got over 200 followers! I don't actually tweet much, though, 'cos Twitter is more "what's happening now" and I'm not aiming for that space.

Asmodean Registered User

Good idea! I could do with a few more followers. Always liked twitter but found the lack of followers a bit disheartening as my updates were essentially me talking to myself!/richiepunx

Belle Morte Registered User

Another fellow Galway Tweeter here!!/BelleMorteBlog

GalwayGaillimh Registered User

Good idea heres my twitter!/@galwaydotcom

s_carnage Registered User

This is me:

s_carnage twitter

liamhana Registered User
James Forde Registered User
Pure Sound Registered User

Not mine but an account I am associated with!/greensod_

Gal2011 Registered User

Mine is declanmurphy1

CrowdedHouse Registered User
littleteapot Registered User

I tweet the odd time. more often than I post on boards anyway!/alittleteapot25

Wompa1 Registered User
dinneenp Registered User

this is me-!/photoblog_ie

And this is what my profile says: Cork born, Galway based amateur photographer tweeting mainly interesting photography links & photos from my photoblog

Nice idea, this thread. I'll look through some people's profiles.

Tipsygypsy Registered User

I have two: tipsymcgypsy for me personally and HealingSerenity for my work.!/tipsymcgypsy!/HealingSerenity

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