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I'm not going to start a big rant about Harry. The fact is we played really well in over 20 games, and only badly in a few. One area we really fell down in was attacking set pieces, especially corners. Citeh basically won the league thanks to a corner headed in by Kompany against United and Dzeko's injury time lifeline. I think that was thier 15th from a corner in the league.
Last week we had 19 corners against Villa, and never really threatened. Don't give me Richard Dunne, we hardly threatened all season from an abundance of corners, and our free kicks seemed random. Walkers goal against Blackburn was a case of you have a go, we haven't scored one in months.
we have supposedly world class technicians like Modric and Van der Vaart, and big players in Kaboul, Dawson, King, Ade, Bale, and Sandro. I think our coaching staff are wanting, in this area if no other. We should have had about ten goals from corners, I'd say it was three or four. Needs sorting, we would have sailed into third with a better set piece threat.

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i agree

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I couldn't agree more. Our conversion rate from corners has been shocking for the last number of seasons. Something needs to change in that area.

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Would love to see some proper stats and compare them against our peers.

Anyone got a link with thats kinda information?

Also, what do other teams do .. i mean this isn't NFL or even rugby union so I'm sure there are set piece specfic coaches but I assume each team have a set of pre-determined moves which they practise regularily, right?

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More of this please...

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