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Maggie McGaggie said:
Well done to underscore_utd who won 51 inch tv in Limerick Leader league. Finished in top 20 of LL league which was my aim at start of the season.

was 4th in the LL league with 2 weeks left, chance of sneaking third but a bad last couple of weeks dropped me to 7th...well done to the winner

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Been away for the last week, did I miss anything?

Finished second in my main league for the second year running and as it's my second year of playing the game I'm happy enough with that. Delighted to have improved overall from top 64k to top 50k. My big problem has been slow starts but I'm hoping to sort that out next season.

Anyway, big thanks to all the Boards FF regulars who have dispensed some great advice and great wit in equal measures. It's a shame that the bickering resurfaced at the end (I didn't read any of it as I was away) but for all of that I think the new forum has been a great success. And well done to Michael Doyle on finishing top. Now, roll on the Euros!

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