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On BET365 they have a list of players and odds on whether they will be picked to go to the euros.

Peter Crouch is 5/6
John Terry is 8/11

Surely both of these will be on the plane to Poland and Ukraine. Initially there were rumours that Hodgson would be leaving out Terry but read this morning he is most likely to be picking him. Just think they are good odds to be going to Poland


Crouch I would be more worried about, can't see anything other then injury stopping Terry getting picked in the squad anyway.

Both are decents shouts like

SteelyDanJalapeno Registered User

Grant Holt? 15 league goals this season

wp_rathead Registered User

Leighton Baines at 1/4
James Milner at 4/11

While odds not great, these two are surely going to go

Jermaine Defore at 5/6 is decent shout aswell

razor425 Registered User

Leighton Baines has a problem travelling(afraid of flying I think). Probably worth checking out before putting money on him to make the squad. If it is the flying situation it should be fine though as he can just travel accross Europe.

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Baines suffers from homesickness actually. This stopped him from going to south Africa in 2010. Not sure whether he's been treated for it since then but wouldn't be backing him at that price given his history.

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Twitter 101greatgoals are reporting Ferdinand, Walker,Richards and Crouch are NOT going to the Euros. Terry and Carroll in.!/101greatgoals

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