BengaLover Registered User

Has anyone got any tips on how to keep whipped cream firm? Every time I make a trifle I put stiffly whipped cream on top of the already chilled trifle and put it straight back into the fridge but the cream goes soft and almost runny.

Morag Registered User

Are you sure it's cream fit for whipping?
Double whipping cream should stay firm.

maryk123 Registered User

use double cream and whip it until its stiff

BengaLover Registered User

Yes but how to keep it firm AFTER whipping is what I need to do..Can I add anything to it, I was thinking cornflour?

Tree Moderator

If it's a double cream that has been whipped to stiffness, it should stand. Whip to just before it turns to butter. A light whipping will collapse. Also, the higher the fat content the stiffer you can make it, so try to use double cream.

The cream they sell prewhipped in store contains gelatine if that's any use to you.

sdp Registered User

double cream will keep firm after whipping, and hold its shape well, but as above whip it stiff, its fresh single cream that can start weeping if not whipped enough, and won't hold its shape if it sits on anything soft or your custard thick enough?

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