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This road (running along the West bank of the Blackwater from Youghal bridge) has been closed for a couple of months now. Does anybody know what kind of work is being done and when should be reopened? I've used this road as a scenic route in the past.

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they said in January, closed for 12 weeks, this has now been extended till July!! what year though!!!

I live up past this road and its annoying to say the least. The detour route gets heavily rutted in bad weather and cant be accessed by large trucks. Even two cars cant pass without going into the ditch.

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Extension of Glendine Road (L-2004) Closure

Date: 14 Jun 2012
Waterford County Council wishes to inform motorists that due to ongoing roadworks, the Glendine Road (L-2004) locally known as Wood Road, from its junction with the N-25 at Youghal Bridge to its junction with the L-6019 at Templemichael, will be closed for an extended period. The works will be ongoing with a view to re-opening the road during July 2012.

Local access will continue to be maintained to Stael Boreen (L-20041)
As a daily user of this route, due to the fact I live in Glendine, I am amazed at the condition of the route you suggest as a detour from the roadworks. The state of the road is unacceptable and is only suitable for use by "OFFROAD" vehicles. Please service this road. This Road needs to be resurfaced and proper drains installed. It should have been resurfaced before locals were forced to use it as their main route to Youghal. There is a huge amount of traffic now using what amounts to a badly surfaced laneway. There are several hundred cars and vans using the road daily, not including visitors, deliveries and farm vehicles. Take notice that I am advising anyone that incurs any damage to cars or vans on this road to direct all costs to yourselves.

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i used this road yesterday and i can assure all that this road is a long way from being finished. I would be surprised if the work was completed before the end of September.

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