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I don't usually use hotels but I need to find one for a few nights in September. I have managed to break it down to two hotels, they are in an ideal location for me as I do not have a car and would prefer to be in the City.

Does anyone have any information on these and which one is the best?
1. Isaacs Hotel, MacCurtain Street.
2. Gresham Metropole, also MacCurtain Street.

I would be grateful for any opinions. Are the corporate/executive rooms nice?


RoverJames Banned

MEtropole, no comparison really.

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mik_da_man Hosted Moderator

Agree 100%

Dean820 Registered User

Metropole if you don't mind paying extra.

shoegirl Registered User

Metropole is grand, stayed there for business and leisure a few times, no problems.

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