enemylines Registered User

I have just read that this ambitious and very well presented paper will close this week. What a shame. surely it should have amalgamated with the Tramore free advertising sheet and between them perhaps there would have been sufficient revenue to keep it afloat. This was the start of a nice local paper. Sad to see it go!

woody33 Registered User

It's a shame alright, fair dues Jamie O'Keeffe and all staff and contributors for the brave attempt. The best of luck in your next enterprise.

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Siamsa Sessions Registered User

Sad to hear it's gone.

I had bought it nearly every week since it started.

Guramoogah Registered User

Hinterland is an excellent publication and will be sorely missed. Top quality photography on high-grade paper and not a single typo error. Jamie achieved about a quarter of sales of all the local newspapers in just a few weeks. I'd say that smokey junior was very worried. Wishing him the very best of luck with his next venture, whatever it may be.

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sad to see this happen to a start up, i'm sure jamie will go on to bigger and better things and that maybe one of the big papers will scoop him up

barneystinson Registered User

As is all too often the case in Tramore, other local businesses just didn't get behind him. It wasn't lack of readership (if the impressive rate referred to above is correct), but lack of advertising revenues.

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