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Hi, apologies if this is already covered but I have read most of the 3G sim card threads and not found the answer.

I was looking to buy the deal of the 3G vita etc etc. I know the vodafone chip is supplied but my question is whether I can use this chip in Ireland. This may be a silly question but if I can't use this chip I won't bother getting it there but it is the best deal around ATM.

Also I am a Vodafone customer so can I link the two numbers to my existing Vodafone account?

Thanks in advance....

Vodafone: Darren Verified representative

We're not really sure - as it's a site, it's likely that the SIM card is a Vodafone UK one, and the device itself may be network locked.


Stemanic Registered User

Thanks Darren, do you think there is a work around if this is really the case.
I'm thinking I get the Vodafone Uk sim, add £5 to it and get my wipeout code. Then I go to my Vodafone store and get a sim card for the vita... As I said I am a Vodafone customer in any event.
Or do you think the unit will be locked to Vodafone UK.

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The Vita's sold in the uk or europe are not sim or network locked.

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