• Yes (37.5%)
  • No (48.21%)
  • Yes, but more since the recession started (12.5%)
  • Yes, but less since the recession started (1.79%)
Ardennes1944 Registered User

Hey Lads,
i need 50 more respondents for this poll as part of my dissertation on Bartering. If you could answer I would be most grateful.
Bartering is defined as the exchange of goods and services for other goods and services without the use of a medium of exchange ie; money. If you have offered some advice in an area you are qualified in such as accounting for some other advice ie;construction of new house, then that is an example of bartering.

If you answer yes, could you please choose either option c or d to indicate if you have bartered more, or less, since the recession commenced (since 2007)
if you feel it has been unaffected, then simply an A will suffice.

Many thank you's!

Steven Finn.
Single Honours Economics,

MetzgerMeister Der Möderätor

Barter me bollix, I need to get paid for the amount of time and effort I put into customers' cars

Ardennes1944 Registered User

insightful response Dave, Ill be sure to put that in the conclusions of the report

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kippy Registered User

I barter services and always have.
A little bit of work/advice on IT for some assistance from the other person in their professional field when needed.

Bartering, is more common that most thing, and it mightn't be obvious that bartering is going on.

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Tigger Registered User

i have always bartered
i find the concept easier to get people to work with nowadays

this is in sligo


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Ardennes1944 Registered User

thanks tig ill look into that it will help for sure

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