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Can I ask anyone out there that is or has owned a Land Rover Discovery to let me know are the a good buy.

If you listen to the boys from Top Gear there a Great car but can be unreliable.

Is this true ? I have always wanted a Range Rover , but everyone Seems to have them in Dublin, they are as common as A BMW 320.

So Im thinking the Disco, its bigger, there are not as many of them around, and unlike the Sports LR it will go off road , or Will it ?

Anyway I would be very gratefull for some Advice.

101sean Moderator

The RR Sport and Disco 4 have the same same chassis and mechanicals and are both as capable off road, the D4 is better looking, more versatile and has more room inside. Disco 4 is reckoned to be pretty reliable.

Only let down if you are looking at new or newish are the muppet dealers but there are good independent specialists around.

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I have a disco 3 and where the V6 jag engine may seem to struggle to shift all 2.7tonnes, when you take these jeeps off road your just left awe struck! You can go down hills with the HDC that most people wouldnt be able to walk down....when I take mine off raod Im never left un-amazed by them!

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tony.aspergers Registered User

The Discovery is excellent, all versions are very capable. But you must look after them and service them properly....

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I have an 01 discovery and I think its a great yoke. It have some amount of power to pull a trailer. Only letdown is it drinks diesel. I had a 99 discovery before hand but engine blew They are alot cheaper than the land cruiser .

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The Discovery and RR Sport are all extremely capable off road. Even with the highway terrain tyres fitted to most of them they'll perform well off road. They also offer a lot of comfort no matter what terrain you are on compared to other real 4X4's.

The downside to LR and RR's can be the cost of servicing and parts if something does go wrong. 4X4's are always going to be more expensive to run/maintain as well.

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