This is happening to me on most forums I've visited and in most threads I'm in. When the page loads, the McAfee security banner displays at the top of the screen, and whatever ad was displayed at the bottom of the page to the right is greyed out with a round STOP sign in the corner of it. If you reload the page, or click Back, the ad will for a split second re-appear. Mostly it seems to be an ad for a phone or something, it's quite hard to tell.

If I click back, it doesn't work, it just reloads the same page, and I have to go into the Back menu and select the page I want to go to. very bloody irritating.

not sure if this is quite the right place for this, but couldn't think of anywhere better.

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Can you click "View all blocked content" and get a screenshot of the offending ad?

It's probably something wrong in McAfee's definitions, but sometimes google ads mess up too.


oh ffs, why didn't I think of that.



stupidusername said:
oh ffs, why didn't I think of that.


Can you get us the URL for the advertisement? Right click and copy the URL or click through the ad and tell us where you end up. We'll see about getting it removed if it's causing trouble, but I wouldn't put this past being a McAfee over-zealous blocking issue.



Yeah, I'm afraid I'm going to have to put this down to a McAfee issue. It's an ad served from Google Ads, which is pretty much a black box as far as we're concerned, we give it a spot and it serves the ads. McAfee really shouldn't be blocking content from it.


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