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I am applying for a loan with BOI, so need a six month statement from Ulster Bank. I have a three month one they sent me last week, but I can't find the previous statement from before that one. How long does it usually take for them to send out a duplicate statement? and how much does it cost?

unclebill98 Registered User

Can be ordered by the branch. Takes up to ten days. €3.81 for the first page and €2.54 for the next. Max total charge is €6.35.

Reg for online banking and print six years worth for free.

Xxsparkyxx Registered User

Ok thank you. Do you know how I am billed for it? Do I pay them when I order it, or will they send me the bill? online statements are of no use to me, I rang them BOI earlier and they said that they wanted originals

ravima Registered User

Why are online statements no good?

They should be exactly the same as the hard copy. Print out your online and hand them in.

Xxsparkyxx Registered User

I have no idea!thats just what the bank official told me on the phone. I was quite surprised to be honest. One of the staff in ulster bank the other day told me to print off the online ones. they are sending me out an activation code so I can access them? But the BOI woman on the phone today completely confused me? I have my most recent three month statement, so il have a look at the online ones when I get my activation code, and if they look the same, il hand them all in and hope they won't notice, I am desperate at this stage I am going to America for the summer on the 3rd of June and really need to apply for the BOI loan as I doubt my Parents will be able to lend me the money:/

unclebill98 Registered User

It's boi policy.

The charge is deducted automatically.

lexa Registered User

online statements often aren't accepted by other banks because the document is a PDF and could be modified. This is why banks request original statements. Granted this is a nuisance especially because you need it urgently. If you have requested your statements already you might get them in a day or 2. I doubt it will take the full 10 days.

If you have time, perhaps you could bring your printed online statement into a UB branch and they might be able to verify/certify it as being correct and this might be accepted by BOI. I would check first.

Xxsparkyxx Registered User

Thanks for all your comments, they were all very helpful. In the end they took the transaction details print off in combination with my three month statement.| The boi official on the phone had told me they wanted all originals, and that they probably wouldnt accept the combination of the two. Wish they had been a little more helpful, it would of saved me a lot of time and stress:/

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Online statements sometimes might not have details name, address etc could be anybodies also usually want them
With the banks headed

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