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Des said:
Liverpool are "The Reds" for instance. Imagine is FSG decided to change their shirt colour to Blue, there'd be absolute uproar on this forum, and in the entire football world.

Sure look what happened when liverpool even had a tint of blue on one of their jerseys!

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Clubs should not throw away their history, I would be pretty pissed off if my club changed their home strip. Simple solution is to introduce a red away strip, everyone is happy, win win IMO.

steelcityblues Registered User

Might as well change to 'Wrexham in Disguise F.C.'

overshoot Registered User

cardiff blues ending their deal and moving back to arms park to allow for significant rebranding. fair enough in that they are a long way from selling it out but its a very blue stadium... they must be going for it alright.
could they not change the away kit to red... market it more in asia, edge the stadium to blue and red... they had a maroon one in 08/09. edge the dragon to being slightly more promenent in the crest. red tint under the sleves in the home kit too.
i wouldnt walk away from blue though, when your nickname in the bluebirds and there is one on the crest you are well tied to it. reckon i went far enough with those suggestions.

and a quick google search said blue is related to imortality in china. red-luck in china, purity in india.... id take imortality. would also be kind of ironic to associate yourself with purity when you sell your soul

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Des said:
Who do you support?

Castlebar Celtic

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The owners have abandoned their plans at least for this season.

In the light of the vociferous opposition by a number of the fans to the proposals being considered as expressed directly to our local management and through various media and other outlets, we will not proceed with the proposed change of colour and logo and the team will continue to play in blue at home for the next season with the current badge.,,10335~2766829,00.html

Good to see some sense prevail, but it seems like it will be an idea that the owners will return to next season. In the full statement they seem to believe that the financial troubles of Cardiff will be solved by this colour change.

dsmythy Registered User

Red is a more striking colour. It seems they listened to the fans so won't be happening and I doubt the fans will be changing their minds any time in the future and I have to say I'd agree with staying in their traditional colour. Can always have a red away jersey! The crest is an option to be changed too since it's not been so consistant over the last few years.

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Everyone should play in Red, home and away. Yay for red.

kitakyushu Registered User

The colour thing is overrated.

Liverpool traditionally wore white shorts up until the 60s.
Brazil used to play in white up until the 1950s.
Ireland/NornIron used to play in blue up until the 1930s.

Many other examples I'm sure.

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Diabhal Beag Registered User

Surely he thinks they'll finally get promoted if they change the kit colours




Cardiff City have confirmed the Bluebirds will play in red from next season onwards after the club’s Malaysian owners formally unveiled the club's new image.

The switch - which also includes a new club crest and which comes into effect immediately - comes after the club's hierarchy approved the decision at a board meeting.

In addition to the new kit, the club have announced plans to build a brand new training ground, pay off the historical Langston debt, provide manager Malky Mackay with a substantial transfer kitty, and to explore the possibility of expanding the Cardiff City Stadium.

The club have unveiled three new strips - a red home shirt, a blue away strip, and a third kit, which is mainly black.

All new kits bear a redesigned badge, incorporating a main image of a dragon, with a small bluebird inserted underneath, and carrying the slogan "Fire and Passion".

Club chairman Dato Chan Tien Ghee said the moves were "not meant to destroy any part of the club's history or culture", while chief executive Alan Whiteley called for fans to be "realistic and progressive" about the changes.

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Orando Broom Registered User

Teams have changed colours throughout their history. This is nothing new. Cardiff fans won't give a crap if they win promotion and all the guff about the blue kit will die a death with idiots proclaiming the jersey change as a sign.

Man United (Newton Heath) were Green and Yellow. Liverpool were originally the colour of Blackburn Rovers and then Sheffield Wednesday before the 'traditional' red. For all you 'traditionalists' I think the clubs need to go back to these colours.

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Few rumours going about that Dundalk would play in yellow and blue instead of their traditional white shirt black shorts for the remainder of the season. Dundalk are sponsored by Fyffes

Cokeistan Registered User

Fairly ignorant attitude towards the fans by the owners considering how angrily the fans reacted when they first heard of this, I guess some owners couldn't give a shít about the culture of their clubs

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Cokeistan said:
Fairly ignorant attitude towards the fans by the owners considering how angrily the fans reacted when they first heard of this, I guess some owners couldn't give a shít about the culture of their clubs

And I guess most fans couldn't give a shít about the culture of their club if their new owners pumps cash in they start winning.

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