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well a new season is nearly upon us, and its great to see a few new clubs starting . but no carlow or eagles this year clears the way for the exiles for handy play offs, did any one kop that the full leinster25 man squad and management has already been selected hmmmm. with ashbourne , clondalkin, tallaght now involved this year what chance now of any of their players no matter how good they may be of getting a trial , full list on .

NDeagles_man Registered User

The initial training squad is made from last years training squads and members of the Ireland A team. Seeing as the first match is on week three of the season and some teams would only have played one game, what other options are there.
The management and coaching team was not appointed till 2 weeks ago.
I would be VERY SHOCKED if there were not players added to this for the second inter pro game, after a few club games have been played and other lads have proved themselves. So we can assume this squad is just to get a team for the first game.
What other suggestions are there? Bring in a player from Clondalkin or Ashbourne who's played maybe one game?
Suggestions of how to do things better would be very welcome I'm sure.

boredatwork82 Registered User

Rugby League in Ireland is a joke anyway. Played it for years.
Last season we had 3 league games. Its run by arseholes who have no idea what they are at, or how to develop the game. Good craic to play, but if anyone takes it that seriously that you would be shocked, or giving out on a forum about you need to get your head examined.

Although there there use to be great arguments on the RLI facebook page. Must go back and check it to see if its still the same.

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3 games is more than some teams got i can tell you. There is no point giving out about RLI anymore. Basically what is happening now is the world cup is in 2 years so having a decent team for that (super league/championship players) is the aim. Anyone that wants to play rugby league in Ireland I'm afraid is going to be annoyed. Only 1 division in Leinster and with 3 new teams and 3 teams that struggle each season, the games will be very poor if they go ahead at all. Even the Exiles struggled for numbers last year and doubt they'll be too excited about beating teams by 50points plus this year.

The Ulster league is a joke. They say it's improving but one team has dominated, winning games by cricket scores most of the time and they got humiliated themselves when they took on the Leinster champs last year so we know what the ulster standard is like, also loads of games called off.

Munster has 2 good teams. the cork bulls are allowed in again this year even though they never travelled to any away game. Ennis pulled out last year the day before a game, welcome back Ennis and these teams won't travel to play Galway.


I have to agree with the sentiments expressed in the above posts but hope that ,despite the ineptitude displayed by the board of the governing body and the general manager, the passion for the game evident in the people who run the clubs, the players and the volunteers who help out will carry the season as it always has. If the game of rugby league in Ireland was left to the administrators alone it would cease to exist.

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