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A friend of the family recently passed away, her son is going travelling soon and wants to bring his mum's old phone with him to use while travelling. He's currently on Meteor and tested out his sim on her phone and it didn't work, it seems the phone is locked to O2.

They asked me if I could contact someone at O2 to see what they need to do to get it unlocked.

So, what needs to be done?

As far as I know she had the phone for a good few months before she went to hospital. It's a Sony Ericsson Cedar J108i.

VivGrise Registered User

If you ring customer care and ask them for the network unlock code they will request it from the phone manufacturer for you. You have to have registered the phone on and spent €150 since it was registered.

Shouldn't be too much of a problem

O2_Conor Verified representative


I am sorry to hear of your friend's recent loss.

He can request the unlocking code for the phone here: Hi, you can request the code here: There is a minimum €150 topup requirement before we can retrieve the code but once this is met he'll have no difficulty unlocking it to accept any sim card.

Recon Registered User

Thanks very much, I'll contact the family and ask if they have her login info or if they know if the phone was even registered in the first place.

O2_Conor Verified representative

You're very welcome. They can actually request this code without having registered on

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