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First time this year I lost interest in the first ten minutes,think I will duck out for a few weeks. Got me some Mortal Kombat to be playing.

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The Heyman return was such a let down.

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Dunny! said:
The Heyman return was such a let down.

It's where they go with it next week/down the line that is interesting me, is Heyman going to be back for a few shows or a long schedule? If so it could get very interesting.

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Loved the email you sent to Review a Wai, Jayk.

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After a hectic weekend i just couldn't stay up last night. Laurinaitis literally put me to sleep.
Woke up somewhere in the tag match. Fell back asleep.
When i got up this morning i done my usual 3 tab open;
One for a youtube of raw, one of here and one of something like prowrestling.net.

When i seen that the raw got an post-thread i was intrigued, maybe something massive went down. Oh dear God, what did i miss...
At the same time i see at the top of prowrestling.net "Paul Heyman makes a return to the wwe."

My jaw hit the floor. How? Why? All i knew was it had to be awesome.
I always said that if WWE ever convince Paul Heyman to walk back through its doors that it would be something special and i anticipated to mark out like a child. And i probably would have, had it not be spoiled on me.

Then i watched it.

Maybe it was the crowds lack of interest all night, like, it felt more like a smackdown than a raw, tbh.

Overall not a bad raw, but definitely the weakest over the last few weeks.
Where was this viral campaign thing, too?

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CMpunked said:
I always said that if WWE ever convince Paul Heyman to walk back through its doors that it would be something special and i anticipated to mark out like a child.

This is what I'm picturing you like


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gnfnrhead said:
This is what I'm picturing you like


Dude, that IS me.

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^^^ I wish I could enjoy wrestling as much as that lad does. He went mental for the lights turning off!

Cheers rovert, haven't listened to the show yet! i recall asking about kayfabe lol.

Here's the rundown of the show :

WWE Monday Night RAW SuperShow on USA Network
May 7, 2012
Report by JGeorge Estrella. Credit to sportscourier.
Raw kicks off live from Greensboro, NC.

A recap of last weeks events are shown. John Cena's promo and the subsequent beat down that followed.

Johnny Ace aka Mr. Excitement aka GM John Laurinaitis comes out and says he is an authority figure and will not allow anyone to challenge his authority, including John Cena. He says he lost his temper last week and when that happens he enters a fit of destruction, he says he hurt Cena's pride. This is only the beginning of what hr is capable of. He's tough but fair. He stumbles over his words, this promo is beginning to drag. Cena will be live via satellite (shades of his WrestleMania counterpart The Rock)

He says he won't allow anyone to make fun of his voice. He says his voice wasn't always like this and was in fact injured by the late, great "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. He then shows us pictures of him in Japan and he rants about his accomplishments. Says he was the Hulk Hogan of Japan, Steve Austin and The Rock all rolled up into one. Big Johnny vs John Cena at Over the Limit!
LOL whut.

WWE Champion CM Punk comes out. He says Johnny doesn't know what the People want, he is going to help Johnny by saying what the WWE Universe doesn't want to see or hear and that's Big Johnny! Big pop from the crowd.

Punk says this about Johnny putting all his chips on Brock Lesnar only to be beaten by Cena. Punk also notes that Johnny only went to Japan because he no one in the states wanted him.

Johnny continues to be humiliated by Punk. Johnny says tonight he will face Lord Tensai. Punk shills the Johnny Ace/Cena main event more than his match with Daniel Bryan. Interesting...

1. WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big Show def. Cody Rhodes via intentional countout. Rhodes retains title.
Big Show uses his strength to over power Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes runs out like a cowardly and gets counted out. Ms. Eve Torress in what Big Q says is a poor man's Stacy Keibler (WCW 2000!), comes out and demands that Show apologizes to her, and Johnny Ace for making fun of his voice last week. Big Show musters up the strengh to apologize for making fun of the General Manager. We now know who holds the power here.

2. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger) def. WWE Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth)
Recap of R-Boom's Tag Title from last week. Out come the Tag Team Champions The #BADGUY Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston. Decent back and forth action from the two, a shot of A.W. Abraham Washington, Primo, Epico, Rosa Mendes, and Mason "Grow your hair, so you don't look like Batista" Ryan watching in the match. OK?
Distraction from Jack "combover" Swagger and Dolph plants Kofi with a delicious Zig Zag for the win.

Michael Cole is in the ring as he interviews John Cena, who is live via satellite. Cena says that his elbow needs to be drained and that doctor's have advise he not wrestle for a few months. My TV starts acting up as soon Cole says he is impressed with John's work, Cena says that Laurinaitis is going to hurt himself before he gets in the ring with Cena. The audio cut out here, so I missed out on his promo, but he sure seemed fired up.

3. WWE Divas Champion aka My English Muffin Layla and Kelly Kelly def. Natalya and Maxine
Nattie and Maxine get the jobberette entrance. Beth Phoenix is on commentary. A video of Layla post Extreme Rules saying she was nervous to be back, but she's happy she's Divas champ on her first night back. Oh and Beth Phoenix will be facing Layla for the Divas title at Over the Limit. Should be a fun match if given time (doubtful). Layla can still go in the ring. Maxine cannot. Match ends with a LayOut on Maxine for the win.

4. Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) and Chris Jericho def. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Randy Orton when Y2J pinned Sheamus.
Some promo for Santino's Foreign Exchange on Youtube is show. #WWENTWRK

Epic intro for Del Rio as always. Del Rio and Y2J vs Sheamus and Randy Orton Y2J is the only Raw guy in this match #endthesplit Deli Rio and Jericho begin to work on Sheamus' arm which is taped up (better sell than HHH) Orton gets a modified hot tag. Distraction by Del Rio takes advantage with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head.

Jericho and Del Rio have taken control of Mr. Orton. The hot tag to Sheamus..RKO to Del Rio. Sheamus goes for a brouge kick Jericho ducks and hits Randy instead, Brouge kick to Orton. Jericho nails Sheamus with a codebreaker for the win! Jericho grabs the title and says "I pinned the champion!"
Sheamus tries to help Orton up, only to receive a RKO, don't cross the viper.

Johnny Ace's Office.... Del Rio, Y2J, and Randy Orton, argue about who deserves a title shot against Sheamus. A brawl ensues. They get cleared away, and Sheamus shows up and says "Hey what was that RKO for fella?" "You got in my way bro" Something like that....Johnny makes Del Rio vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title at Over the Limit.

5. Brodus Clay def. The Miz
Miz cuts a promo saying he shouldn't be facing a guy like Brodus Clay. Miz actually gets a lot of offense here, they did a good job in humanizing Brodus, however he falls victim to Brodus' big splash. Longest Brodus clay match so far LOL.

Recap of the HHH and Brock Lesnar stuff from last week. They show some pictures of HHH in various business meetings...They say he will be there live next week.

PAUL F*****G HEYMAN COMES OUT to Brock Lesnar's music, as his repesentation. He talks up Brock Lesnar, and says he was signed to a legitmate contract on TV and that Lesnar feels betrayed because of this. He says Lesnar was the only man to have ever held the NCAA DIVISION 1 CHAMPIONSHIP, THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP, AND THE UNDISPUTED UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Pauly H is golden on the mic. He reads a statement from Brock Lesnar. Brock says that HHH is jealous of him. " I had an agreement with the WWE and they broke it so I broke his arm."
Brock says he's never coming back and quits. Great work by Paul Heyman.

6. Lord Tensai (w/ Sakamoto) and Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion CM Punk in a non-title handicap match.
Laurinaitis' match change didn't benefit Punk....or the intrigue in this main event. Bryan and Tensai take control of CM Punk. Punk begins to regain some control over Bryan, a GTS attempt but Bryan backs out and tags Lord Albert, I mean Tensai. GTS attempt on Tensai for some reason. Roundhouse kick to Tensai. Punk goes for the elbow, Bryan pulls Punks leg down.
Tensai hits his Misty Claw for the win on Punk.
Bryan attacks Punk after the match. YES Lock on Punk!!
Raw ends with Daniel Bryan YESING, couldn't think of a better ending. Yes, I like Daniel Bryan. #YesYesYes!
Hmm. Formatting the recap text, it's not the classiest write-up!

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I was sure I read that Matista was now Ziggler's bodyguard

Kolido Registered User

gnfnrhead said:
This is what I'm picturing you like


This has to be a joke!

grames_bond Registered User

Paul Heyman continues the storyline on wwe.com


it's funny that heyman can have more attitude in his walk and one sentence than most "superstars" can have in a full promo!

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We'll I'll be blunt, this was the worst Raw in months, possibly the worst of 2012 to be honest.

Nothing of note happened for at least the first hour. 80% of the show was structured around John Laurinaitis building more heat with everyone and anyone, John Cena, CM Punk, and now Big Show. Can't see where it's heading towards other than maybe Johnny creating some sort of faction with Tensai, Bryan, Otunga, et al.

I can foresee Big Show vs Tensai at Over The Limit for starters.

Onto Heyman, very intriguing signing. Not even the awful crowd could ruin it. I'd guess he was signed to cover the dates that Brock will miss due to his limited dates contract. Which is a great idea to keep Lesnar's storylines progressing without him needing to be on Raw every week.

Even though Paul E's probably only re-signed to be an on-screen talent, TNA really missed a golden opportunity there by not signing him.

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Charisteas said:
TNA really missed a golden opportunity there by not signing him.

They tried, but he wanted 100% control over everything. Considering he put ECW out of business, you can see why they were reluctant to give him it. I'd say they were more than happy to have him as head of creative and maybe promote him if things went well.

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