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I studied French for the the Leaving Cert and a few years back I really got into it again, spending almost two months in a language school in France. Unfortunately, I've had a pretty hectic year and my conversational French isn't particularly fluid. I do have a pretty solid base however, and want to go all out over the next four months to improve it.

I won't be working over the summer, and was hoping to have vastly improved my French by September. Is it possible to become fluent in french, or as close as, in 4 months- without actually moving to the country? And if so, how would one go about it- without spending too much money.

I have tapes and grammar books etc.


Victor Registered User

Not fluent, but I think, given your base, you could come a fair way. Fluent typically means two years of living in the culture. If you want to apply for professional jobs that say 'fluent', then you need to live there for more than two months.

Alliance française would be an obvious route.

Also try to do conversation practice with language students.

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