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Hi all,

I'm Producing and Directing a new theatrical production called Life in The Venue. This is an innovative theatre project, finding different ways to tell a story and engage with a theatre audience, and we want bloggers to be part of this process.

We are looking for bloggers who are interested in the theatre to get involved. There will be exclusive access to the rehearsal room as well as the performances, and the opportunity to engage with an audience in a unqiue and exciting way.

The project will span a 10 month period, with performances in both Cork and Dublin. The first performance will be taking place in the Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork in July with further performances in 2012 and early 2013.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to hire a blogger, but believe a mutually beneficial connection can be made. Though the project will be spread over 10 months there are opportunities to get involved at different times, and we welcome any interested bloggers to drop us a line to lifeinthevenue[at]gmail.com.

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I've seen a work in development performance of Eoin's Life in the Venue, and it's fantastic. It's really playful theatre that brings in a huge amount of relevance to these days/modern times, etc. I'd say that anyone who enjoys using something like boards would really appreciate what Eoin has done with this piece. Although I saw the WiD last year, so I imagine he's progressed in a lot of ways.

If Eoin is progressing with the ideas he was proposing at the previous work in development showing then this is a must for anyone who is involved online activities. At the least give him an e-mail and see what's up with it. Really innovative stuff.

Sorry if I've made this seem to-good-to-be true EoinOhA, but to hear you've secured a future for the project is really exciting news.

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Hi Buceph, thanks for the endorsement. Glad you enjoyed the showing. We're working away on the project all the time and can't wait to get some bloggers involved.

We're deighted to announce that our first performance will run from 4th-7th July in the Everyman Theatre. You check out the season brochure here. We're on page 8!

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Wanted to clarify a few things about this;

    While it's not paid we're not looking to exploit anyone. We want to create a mutual beneficial relationship where a blogger builds a protfolio of work or generates content for their blog from our project and we get exposure and an outside perspective.

    While the project will span 10 months, we do not expect anyone to commit that length of time without pay. What we envisage is that the bloggers would drop in at different times that suit us all and write about what happens at that time. You may want to write one piece or you may want to write more. We can agree that as it goes.

    We will soon be launching our web-site for Life in The Venue and there will be a blog on this. If you have your own blog you can write your piece there and we will write a post linking to it. If you do not have a blog of your own and are interested then you can post your piece directly on our blog. This will be credited completely to you.

    This is a project that is developing as it goes. We would be interested in having a conversation with anyone who is interested to hear their ideas on how this mutually beneficial relationship can best be formed.

If anyone has any questions about how this would work we would be happy to answer them.

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