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Hi All - looking for a bit of advice

Bought a billpay iPhone 4s last Wednesday and discovered Thursday that the loudspeaker wasn't working. Long story short my "new" iphone has already been sent off for "verification" of the fault only a few days after purchase.

Not great but whats worse is the Vodafone stores (2 no. I went to) have been like brick walls and won't tell me much (neither would they confirm that they would replace it if it was verified as faulty - in fact i was informed that the contract wouldn't be cancelled either if that was the case - shocking treatment of a customer given they are legally obliged to recind the contract if the customer requests it where the mobile is faulty)

Has anybody been through this and if so, could you tell me how long did it take to resolve or am I better off saving my energy for the small claims court.

I am heading away on holidays next Saturday and had wanted my iphone back before then. However, if Vodafones response is anything to go by, something tells me it's never coming back!


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more than likely they will fix the phone for you and send it back...They gotta confirm that the handset is faultly withing the first 28 days for you be given any option so i would keep hassling the store or you can go to

Enter imei of the handset (should be on your form) and check status

This is where Vodafone handsets go for repair.

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Call Apple in Cork, they'll drop you a new one as there collecting your's if you let them put a holding deposit on your credit card. It's the quickest & best way to get it fixed.

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Thanks for replies/help. I understand Fonefix division deals with repairs out of waranty. Fonua (part of same company) ( are the crowd that deal with verifications and confirmation of the fault and apparently this is where the phone has been sent.

The phone has already been handed in to the store so I doubt Apple can help me at this point. However, I'll keep your advice (Drunk Monkey) in my back pocket as I may need to contact them yet.


Hi Ferrari22,

The phone is being checked to see if it has a manufacturing defect. If so it will be replaced for you. If no defect is found but a fault is found that will be repaired and the phone will be returned. This can take up to 7 working days. Let us know how you get on.



Ferrari22 Registered User

Hi Nick

Do you mean that I have no say in whether I want the phone repaired or not?

I was of the understanding that the customer has the right to reject faulty goods and rescind the contract, i.e. refuse repair.

In my case, the issue with phone was there from the moment I made the purchase.

It would be super if you could clarify.



Hi Ferrari22,

You can refuse to get it repaired if you like. Once it's sent our engineers they will confirm if there's a manufacturing fault with the device. If there is it will be replaced. If you do wish to cancel your contract and are within 14 days that's fine. If the phone is found to have no manufacturing fault then the device would have to be repaired as normal and you would not be entitled to a replacement device.



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