Juxtapose Registered User

up for the non paid league too

dahat Registered User

Non paid option please.......

roryc Registered User


Cantona's Collars Registered User

Non paid,wasn't going to bother but feck it,adds a bit more interest to the Euro's plus it's only for a few weeks.

FatRat Registered User

This hasn't aroused as much interest as I thought it would. It seems not many are playing fantasy Euro. Therefore, it looks like we'll only have 1 league. Majority rules so whichever most are in favour for, we'll do. At the moment it's a non-paid league and that would get rid of the hassel of having to kick those who don't want to pay out of the league if we do a paid one. So it's looking like we'll have 1 league but we'll leave it until around the 5th of June and see how many people have entered then and make a decision. We could always do a 12 team one with two wildcard teams put through from two of the groups.

We'll see sure. Everyone who hasn't let me know of which comp they are interested in (paid/non-paid) do it now. Thanks.

swoody Registered User

swoody said:
i'm in

non paid, más é do thoil é..!

manual_man Registered User

As good an idea as the cup is, I think a league would garner more interest, certainly in regard to people willing to part with their euros

If we did a tenner a head, i'm sure we'd get 30+. we just need to get the ball rolling

Copper_pipe Registered User

Id be up for paid if it was a tenner or 15 quid

Munster Magic Registered User

is this going ahead?

manual_man Registered User

Munster Magic said:
is this going ahead?

Need a chairperson. As it were

FatRat Registered User

Not enough people at the moment and just over a week til the euros start so we'll do one cup. I'm just thinking of how to get everyone who put their name in involved.

It won't be a paid cup either, too much hassel and people who entered expecting a free-to-enter cup will then have to be kicked out of it, which is unfair. Well that's what I think anyway. We have 21 entrants. The last 5 to enter won't be in it unless we find a way to include them.

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swoody Registered User

is this idea dead in the water.......?

FatRat Registered User

swoody said:
is this idea dead in the water.......?

Nope. The original idea is still in full swing but the added idea of having another cup that would be paid for is dead. We'll have 1 cup. Bitta craic sure. I will draw the teams and the teams they will be assigned to soon.

But.... I think we should include the 5 or 6 others that entered but weren't in the first 16 to enter so they wont be in the cup. But I don't know how to do that without it affecting the format of the cup. Any ideas? If we can't come up with anything then it'll just be the first 16 in it.

carlcon Registered User

Aren't we all in a FSA league anyway? It's not like anyone is being left out of the Boards action - anyone can join our league. It's just bad luck for anyone not in the first 16 in regards to this cup.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm pretty sure most people rate leagues ahead of cups anyway in FF games. I'm sure everyone will be happy enough in the end.

If there's a problem and someone outside the top 16 (who is a regular poster here) really wants in, I'll happily give them my cup spot.

FatRat Registered User

Yeah, we'll use the first 16. It was said first come first served anyway.

I'll do out the teams and the groups and stuff soon.

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