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Apologies if it's in the wrong section

So awhile back I was involved in a minor accident however my laptop screen was cracked due to some stuff landing on the top. Pretty puzzled by that. I do have someone on Tuesday to repair it but I do have work due on Monday.

I have been able to use it with the HDMI connected to the TV however this afternoon when I went to use it, it wouldn't connect. Eventually I got it to connect however it's just a black screen and my desktop doesn't show up.

Any help would be appreciated


Try booting the laptop with the laptop screen open. Then press function F8 or F4 (FN and F8). Its usually function F8 or F4.

What type of laptop are you using?

You can also try opening the laptop press power and then closing the laptop while the laptop is at bios stage and letting it boot up.

Some TV's only work with PC using a one certain HDMI port.

If you put up the model of the tv and laptop I might be able to help you more.


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Laptop is a Sony Vaio. Not too sure of the model but it's 14.5" and the TV is a Grundig 22.5" LED LCD.

Thing is, it hasn't loaded until the "Welcome" screen so when I shut it down via the power button, I have no idea what comes up.

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Press fn plus lcd f key, on my vaio its fn key plus f7,press 2 keys at the same time,to activate lcd,external display, or try using vga from laptop to tv,vga in.
see f function key with 2 squares ,tv,small ,arrow symbols.
I use vga CABLE,VGA ,MALE to male, on my lcd tv ,my vaio has no hdmi out.
what model vaio have you got ,theres many different vaio models ,
can you see any part of the laptop screen.?
vga cable 8 euro s approx,in most pc shops.

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To make things clearer, the laptop screen doesn't allow me to see anything so I have no clue what comes up everytime I've booted it up and my belief is that it goes into start up recovery. I've tried FN + F7 and nothing happens so I'm confident it's stuck in limbo.

As for a VGA Cable, I have looked for one around the house but I couldn't find one so I'll probably head down to the shops in the morning and pick one up.

Then again I have had problems that seem to fix themselves over night so perhaps the same could happen here

Cheers for the help. I'll jump back here if It's still a pain in the ass.

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Odd thing just happened. The screen switched off (which it usually does due to my settings) but my TV is acting like it's working...

To sum it up, it's working the way it should, but the TV isnt showing anything :S

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TRY reboot pc,hold f8 ten seconds, press arrow downkey, 4 times,press enter ,enables vga mode ,then press fn plus function key
your pc may be set 1000x1200 resolution ,too high for tv input,ie out of range=blank screen,

or try again press 5 times instead of 4 .
if u have vga cable try 1024x768 ,
or 720x576, dvd resolution.

ie f8, hold for ten/12 secs,release f8, press down ,down,down,down,enter.
then fn plus function key.
press down once each time,you might activate vga mode,if you, are lucky or display the menu on the tv.

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Brought a VGA cable this morning and nothing happened. I tried your advice and nothing happened. My best bet is that it's stuck on some screen or was updated the night before and it's screwed up. I'll just have to wait till the guy comes over to fix the screen :L

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