beer enigma Registered User

I was woken early this morning by a mass of very squeaky cheeps & having investigated found a nest under the eaves.

They're fine where they are & wont be disturbed (even if they break my beauty sleep) but just wondering what bird they are likely to be ?

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mgwhelan Registered User

i say it could be jackdaws.

swifts need our help! Registered User

Must be starlings. Jackdaws would have brought in twigs, wool and tissues. The main material for this nest is dry grass


whyulittle Registered User

Jackdaws seem to being in anything they can find.

I've had twigs, tissues, newspaper, intact betting slips, part of an old phone book, half of a freshly mowed lawn, cable ties, glass, slate, hard plastic, loads of shredded plastic and an eight inch nail come down my chimney!

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