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I've noticed a few complaints about nepotism in casting here before, most recently about Tim Burton always casting his wife Helena Bonham Carter, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, Charles Bronson & Jill Ireland. The Godfather Part III is another famous example, with Coppola's emergency casting of his daughter Sofia.

Clint Eastwood isn't concerned about what people might think: he has, at various times, cast his girlfriend Sondra Locke (Sudden Impact), his other girlfriend Frances Fisher (Unforgiven), his daughter Alison (Absolute Power), his son Scott (Invictus), and had his other son Kyle work on soundtracks. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith co-produced The Karate Kid, which stars their son Jaden.

I was reminded of this when I mentioned L.A. Story in another thread, in which Steve Martin's love interest is played by his then wife Victoria Tennant. Can anyone think of any more examples, blatant or otherwise?

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There are two schools of thought on the subject. One is that directors will automatically turn to actors they know they will get along with/can work with. Kind of like how Chris Nolan reuses actors all the time - h can trust them. To that end, who can you trust better than your own family?
On the other hand in the Godfather 3 for example said trust was perhaps naive with Sofia Coppola's acting being one of the most heavily criticised parts of a heavily criticised film.
Then there is the outright hilarity that you get when Helena Bonham-Carter states that she has to audition for her husband's movies 'like everyone else' and just happens to be perfect for the part every time..

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Judd Apatow and his family, yes your kids are cute, your wife is a mewling quim.

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What I love is when Burton is casting his new film and Empire will have that little story about how Burton found it difficult to cast the female lead while Bonham Carter will talk about how hard she fought for the role. Remember reading about it when they were casting Dark Shadows. Seriously where the negotiations just a tiff between the two over who makes the next cup of tea, "Helena love, make us a cup of tea and you can have the role." "Fine, get the contract out."

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Well spotted ,
I would forward this intel to the FBI.


Len Wiseman casting Kate Beckinsale in the Total Recall remake.

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Christian Slaters mum is a casting director and has thrown him a few bones in the past. Most notably his quick role in Trek VI

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Didnt the austrian oak call his daughter

jenny instead of chenny in commando?!

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I've seen Brendan Gleesons son in two things so far (and Brendan Gleeson was in both of them).

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OldeCinemaSoz said:
Didnt the austrian oak call his daughter

jenny instead of chenny in commando?!

Yeah, I'm not getting what that has to do with nepotism ...

I didn't know about Christian Slater - that's a weird one. I did a search for "Hollywood Nepotism", and of course there are a few websites on the topic, such as ... Hollywood Nepotism.

Here's another fun one: Duets (2000), a film about a "karaoke huckster", played by Huey Lewis, struggling to reconnect with his daughter, played by Gwyneth Paltrow ... directed by her father, Bruce Paltrow. Or Minnie Driver, who's been in three films produced by her sister Kate.

It might be more surprising when it doesn't happen e.g. Sigourney Weaver's dad was Sylvester Weaver, an influential TV producer who became president of NBC, but she was too young to benefit from that, it seems.

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I don't really mind it with Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton because I think the roles usually do completely suit her. I can't really imagine anyone else doing it. It's not like she's a bad actress who's getting roles despite it. He probably does favour her, but they make a good team, I think.

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OldeCinemaSoz said:
Didnt the austrian oak call his daughter

jenny instead of chenny in commando?!

Is anyone else struggling to get this gimmick?

It is actually shocking when you realise how elite Hollywood is and how the work is redistributed amongst related people.

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Sofia Coppola, Godfather 3. Nuff said.

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Mrs Browns Boys!

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