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Hay Im a 31 year singer with no confidence at all.I have been involved in musicals since 2003 in benavein colleges the wiz,and got hooked iv been with,DMT, The regency hotel, Green Hills,Inchicore and countless others from 1993 to 1999 but since 2005 i have lost it and have pined for it ever since Im looking for a way back into show and performance. Iv had two kids since 2005 and would love to have them see what their dad can if anyone has any room for a not so washed up guy....gimme a shout please Im in clondalkin but will go anywhere for the pleasure of that feeling)


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PhilH80, I've removed your other post and moved this one into a thread of it's own because it didn't belong in the other threads.
Hopefully others can make suggestions to you of where you can go to get back into it.


Almost every musical society in the country welcome new guys with open arms! No need to be worried The nearest groups to you are probably Greenhills and HXT (Harolds Cross Tallaght). Certainly HXT do their shows in the autumn so should be starting up again mid-late summer.

If you want to do a little travel now, Sheevawn in Bray are looking for guys for a chorus line which is on in August. For travel later, I'm involved in Coolmine and we are doing Me & My Girl in November. Workshops will be coming up in the next few weeks.

The best place for full info is - contact details for the societies are on there. Alternatively feel free to ask any more questions and I'll help if I can

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Hey PhilH80,

Don't lose your heart from the music, be patient and practice regularly. If you do well everybody will accept you.

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