Both countries probably have the best pubs on the planet, obviously for this reason they are copied worldwide ( the American bar, or sports bar - which we also have - is a different beast entirely, I am not sure what is going on in German bars, with some exceptions, like on the Rhone, it aint fun).

Ireland is better in cities in towns, because it has fewer chains, the UK has great country and village pubs.

Not talking about the beer, the atmosphere.

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The LVA will never have them in order to protect their overpriced monopoly. Remember the proposed café bars?

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jack presley Moderator

gurramok said:
The LVA will never have them in order to protect their overpriced monopoly. Remember the proposed café bars?

It's only a themed pub we're on about. All it would take is an existing pub owner to do a bit of a makeover.

Sleepy Registered User

A few of their brewdog pubs wouldn't go astray tbh.

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Dravokivich Registered User

Duggys Housemate said:
WEll, as someone mentioned, all Englishpubs tend to have game machines.

There are great English country pubs, truth be told.

A lot of pubs in towns / fair sized villages here have them as well.


BraziliaNZ said:
Wetherspoons are depressing, the only people who go to them where I live are old people and rough looking down and outs. No music or sport either and horrible carpets, eugh makes me shudder.

Ditch the carpets and I'm there.

TeddyTedson Registered User

Irish pubs are ****e abroad so on that basis I think no. Let's leave pubs just be pubs in their own country. Themed pubs have no soul.

goose2005 Registered User

Leave it, it's not worth it.


Madam said:
The best English pubs are usually way out in the countryside in a small village or town - at least the most authentic ones are Believe it or not there are still real gems of Irish pubs hidden away from the tourist traps and Dublin.

Agreed, I've been to loads of english pubs in towns and villages in yorkshire and they're great. The standard of food pisses all over the equivalent irish local bar too, and the choice of beer is 10 times better.

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ElvisChrist6 Registered User

Yeah! And while we're at it, we should open Irish curry shops in India! And sell space dust to Martians!

Edit: I do agree however that more ale needs to be available in Irish pubs!

Formation Registered User

It would be burnt out.


Davidth88 said:
Well the part of London I am from ( NW ) , most of the real pubs have been knocked down to re-develop . Then the only pubs left are the Wetherspoons or similar on the high street ( usually in old Woolworths )

of course I am generalising

Nip over to Hampsted for a pint, there are some great traditional pubs there.

bnt Registered User

I worked in an Irish pub in London, one of the O'Neill's chain owned by Bass Breweries. They had a precise formula for what made an "Irish pub", which involved nailing various things to the walls: violins, washtubs, old Guinness signs, brooms, and so on. I'm not kidding.

The only reason I can think of to do an "English" pub here would be for the beer - but then it would probably be too expensive, charging €4 or more for a pint of bitter. There are already decent smaller breweries in Ireland who don't get in to pubs, so ...


Is the Lincoln Inn on Nassau street not an english pub.

But all I remember is beig made feel like a VIP in pubs in england. Very Irish Person. paddy, drinker.

Davidth88 Registered User

Fratton Fred said:
Nip over to Hampsted for a pint, there are some great traditional pubs there.

Do you mean Jack Straws on The Heath

I know there are still some , but where I am from ( Ruislip/Harrow ) most of the ' landmark ' pubs have been knocked , or burnt down for insurance

Terrible , all the landmarks of my youth disappearing

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