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Does anybody know any gay places in the Algarve/Lagos area in Portugal? A few friends and I are going in a few weeks, and last year we found 1 teeny one (Luisol Bar) and google gave me one other (7imo), but there doesn't appear to be much else of use on there, so I figured I'd ask here and see if anyone has been to any there?


JH_raheny Registered User

when I was in Lagos there was only 1 place and it was a lesbian place, this be over 10 years ago though so probably different now

Golfusr Registered User

Not sure how far you are prepared to travel from Lagos, but there's one in Albufeira (or at least there was up to a couple of years ago) called 'Dreams'.
It's a bit of a dive and really small, and tucked away in the residential area rather than the main strip - you'd need a local taxi driver to find it for you. Gets pretty busy though from late on, and the music is OK and there's a drag act too if that's your thing.
There used to be one in Vilamoura called 'eBar' but it's closed down.
My experience of Portugal is that it's not exactly a gay heaven so your options might be pretty limited

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