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I hear that these are excellent for shortening colds and clearing the sinuses. I know they can be found on ebay but I prefer to buy local.

Anyone know a shop/chemist that sells them?

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Try your local healthfood shop, mine sells two different versions. (Have to say, not a big fan myself, found it quite sickening to use, yuck - but I know someone with asthma who swears by it.)

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I have tried the neti pot (terrrible sinus sometimes) but I found it a pain to use, contorting myself over the sink to get the flow right.

I have been using the Neil Med Sinus Rinse bottle recently and found it easier to use. Fill up the bottle, jam it up an nostril and squirt away (not everyone's idea of fun I know...). Found there was less accidental swallowing etc with the bottle.

Got it in boots, can't say if they had the tea pot version unfortunately.

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I use a plastic syringe - cheap and cheerful, was going to get a neti pot but these work just fine. the 10mls are the best but 5ml is fine, you just have to refill it a few times.

Make sure to use the right mix of solution and don't make the mistake my Dad did and use table salt!! It'll burn your sinuses. Also including xylitol sugar in the mix reduces the ability of bacteria to cling to the sinuses.

Also if you are having problems with sinuses I'd recommend getting one of these - it has been the best investment for me as I've suffered for years with my sinuses. I tried using the vicks with it but that was rubbish (IMHO) instead I drop some olbas oil on to a cotton pad just where the steam comes out. Generally I'd use it in my room, particularly just before going to bed. It's saved me missing out on a good few dives (can't dive with bad sinuses) and my recovery from head colds is much faster.

Best of luck

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nathan184 Registered User

I got a neti pot on amazon. Less than €5 including the shipping if I remember correctly.

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