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you work in dublin you are not from dublin, typical american lol


firstly, you lot have scared the OP so much, he gone and closed the account lol!

How American


Romer said:
I guess some folks are just sensitive. Hell, I've been in country since 97. I'm still "The Yank."

You won't take my field!!

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bb1234567 Registered User

I think youre trying to make a problem out of this when there is absolutely no problem there. She just asked you a simple question, are FROM the states and LIVING in Dublin,two different things.She asked you where you are from = USA. Voila!

cardwizzard Registered User

Just tell them all, South County Dublin. Alot of them speak like yourself in those parts.

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true-or-false Registered User

Conventionally, "where are you from" means where are you originally from, in other words, when your parent(s) took you home from the hospital, where did you live?

She really didn't mean any offence, it's a commonly understood phrase in many English-speaking countries. If you went on holidays to England, and they asked you "so where are you from?" the most reasonable answer would be that you're living in Dublin but you're originally from America.

Diabhal Beag Registered User

This thread is proof that there's always a reason for a moan, no matter how inane.


Jeez how sensitive can you get? OP asks question, doesn't get answer he wanted so closes account.

alphabeat Registered User

OP never mind that crap ,
did you manage to get any of your elbow contact happening ?

SeaFields Gone fishin'

The OP has closed his account?

He's really having a bad day today.

hairyprincess Registered User

Years ago I worked as a receptionist in an office in Dublin. I was just started there a short while and wasn't familiar with the staffs relationships.

It was standard to ask the name of the caller and where they were calling from, i.e. what company. So a call came in one day asking to speak to a member of staff, I asked the caller the above details, he gave me his first name, and his actual location - a phonebox in Rathmines!

Turned out he was the boyfriend of one of the staff. Total knobhead though

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biko Arbiter

OP has left the building so we'll stop here.
However if someone wants to have a similar moan feel free to start a new thread.

El Weirdo Registered User


Something I said?

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