wildlifeboy Registered User

in coolmine working fine for me. i think its a great service.

fptosca Registered User

The players and many of the other programs work fine for me. The offering on the players is much smaller than online for some reason.
The programs I cannot watch on this service are those coming from channels that I don't have on my UPC pack which make sense.


Littlpace area......phone and broadband down. Anybody else?


And I can't get thru on 1908? What's goin on? Just keeps saying "network busy".

guppy Registered User

I'm not in dublin 15, but saw your post on the home page. I'm d 11 and experiencing the very same. Upc forum for us!

January Category Moderator

Broadband up but phoneline down and can't get through to UPC on mobile.



Affecting a very large area by the looks of it!


Back up now........

Veloce Registered User

Dub XV said:
Back up now........

+ 1

fptosca Registered User

I still cannot watch some of the channels like Discovery or Film Four. It says Loss of Signal. Other channels work fine. I have re-started the modem and the TV box but it didn't help.
Anybody else have the same issue?

fptosca Registered User

rewind Live TV also doesn't work. It rewinds about a minute and that's all........

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