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seamus said:
Yet if they were to appoint as Pope, a married woman who has children, open views on sex and homosexuality and a promise to release information on sexual and physical abuses, people would flock back to the Catholic church in their literal millions.

In Europe and possibly the US maybe, but not in Africa, South America or the Far East (the growth areas for Catholicism), where much more conservative attitudes still dominate. The unfortunate truth is that conservatism is a very strong force within Catholicism world wide. Only 26% of the world's Catholics are in Europe.

I am beginning to wonder will where all this will lead to, though. It looks a bit like like the making of a schism to me. Will be see a liberal breakaway from the Catholic Church (in Ireland, Europe or world wide) if this keeps going? If there's a crackdown on "Cultural Catholicism" (Churches demanding that people prove that they're observant and faithful before they perform sacraments), I could see it happening. Breaking away to a new organisation would help Cultural Catholics save face instead admitting that they're really Anglicans in the majority of their beliefs (I'm talking about the ones that still believe in God and Jesus, but disagree with a lot of other doctrines. The ones that don't believe in a personal god, or the divinity of Jesus, but still call themselves Catholic are even harder to figure out). Archbishop Martin has already hinted that they should go.

Whatever happens, it's obvious that the Catholic Church is taking a harder stance on dissent lately, and retreating back to a much more conservative voice.

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Religion is destroyed by education regardless of any other factor.

Oh my, A Priest has blind faith. Stop the press.

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His opinion must be our opinion, until God reveals otherwise, which He will only do through our chief shepherd.

That letter just reminded me of this.

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i think this guy might have been taking lessons from him.

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vibe666 said:
i think this guy might have been taking lessons from him.


Oooooooh soo close.

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A follow up letter in Wednesday's IT is as follows:

A chara, – Last year (June 13th, 2011) Fr Patrick McCafferty called on the Pope to remove from ministry those bishops and heads of religious orders who had been non-responsive in relation to the issue of the Magdalene laundries.

It seems odd therefore, given that the Pope has not acted as Fr McCafferty wished, that he now praises the Pope for calling to order dissenting voices (May 1st). Given his belief that the Pope “speaks the truth”, he cannot have it both ways. – Is mise,

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Jernal said:
That letter just reminded me of this.

Wow,thats possibly the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard a politician say....certainly top ten


That clip in turn reminded me of this....

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people
who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it"

Mark Twain

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Meanwhile in the North Korean Times Editorial:

The only safe place to be in this modern age, full of confusion and chaos, is close by the side of our beloved Kim Jong-Un

Our dear Kim Jong-Un has been given to us by Kim Jong-In at this moment in the history of the world. If Kim Jong-In wants married men to be ordained, if Kim Jong-In wants women priests in His North Korea, it will happen.

We must stand with Kim Jong-Un. There is no other place to go. Everywhere else is dangerous ground and unsafe territory.

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Jernal said:
Oooooooh soo close.


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or possibly "great minds think alike"?

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Jernal said:
That letter just reminded me of this.

"You agree with what the Prime Minister said even though you don't know what she said?"

"Yes, because I am sure she's right"

Well, she is an Atheist and we are right more often than not after all

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