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Abi said:
If that happens I'm packing up and leaving this planet.

Im with URL and the melon baller plan..

It wouldn't surprise me, look at the rubbish on tv these days, all reality based (but a lot of it staged ) and people seem to lap it up. TV for the braindead

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They've got 735 videos up. Let's just say they average around 10,000 views per video that's over 7 million views. But there's no content - it's all nonsense.

How much of a living can they really be making from this? I'd like to see the accounts. What do Google offer per view? If they offer half a cent per view they've made around 36,000 euro on it so far.

How much longer can they maintain an audience? Is there any hope for humanity?

Perhaps this is the end of days the Mayans predicted.

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