hmf300 Registered User

the project and brief must be up by the end of the week. can someone help me? i dont have a clue and neighther does my class. our teacher showed us nothing and doesnt give a f@ck eighter

justBlake Registered User

i didnt either ask your teacher if he has an old on of the folder things thats what i did and it only took me a few nights work but you're seriously leaving it late. also you should have it in before your 6 hour exam incase they ask to see it which they did to a neigh our of mine

partyatmygaff Registered User

This site has a few guidelines.

If I was you i'd type it all and use Solidworks. Unless you're absolutely phenomenal at drawing things by hand it just ends up looking rubbish.

The key thing is to make it look impressive.

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